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Sep. 8th, 2014 04:39 am
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i c  c o n t a c t
Ronald Knox here! Leave a  message and I'll get back to you asap.

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Nov. 20th, 2016 12:17 am
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☀ First Impressions

Ronald is probably the furthest anyone would think a grim reaper would be. The first thing that would come to mind is brightness: from his seemingly boundless energy to his dual toned hair (blond over black) with its signature cowlick, he just exudes brightness. As is signature of reapers in his world, his eyes are green rimmed with gold and framed by large glasses that can only be described as goggle-like. He never needs to adjust them. They seem to be perfectly suited to his face. The second (less obvious) striking detail would be the fact that his right sleeve is empty. His missing arm is one thing that he usually hides, choosing dark jackets to make his handicap less obvious to those who don't know what to look for.
Even back home, Ronald was always a bit of a fashionista. His suit is Italian cut, his shoes patent white leather (which are his pride and joy). Perhaps it's a force of habit but he usually wears a vest and dress shirt with a tie. More often than not, he uses a coat not because he needs it but to help hide his missing arm. He doesn't stray too far from dark, neutral colors (blacks and greys) if only to make his hair and shoes stand out more. On occasion, he'll stray into deep purples and deep reds, perhaps a pinstripe or two but he never wears anything too bright. As the Baron Samedi, he's taken to wearing a top hat on more formal occasions: a black thing with a purple ribbon around it. Tucked into the ribbon are a peacock feather, a sprig of tobacco flowers, a dead daisy and a small silver pin shaped like a skull that holds it all together. On occasion, he wears black leather gloves and can be seen with a watch around his right wrist.
He's always been a reaper confident of his own charm. When he walks, it's with his head high and his back straight. There's always a smile on his face, always a cocky flirtatious grin thrown toward whoever seems to catch his fancy. Hardly anything seems to bring him down and when something actually does, he never lets it affect him. He's quick to shrug it off and return to his usual cheeriness. But he knows when to get serious. When it comes to business, he puts on a different sort of confident air. One that isn't afraid to throw out a clever line every now and then even in the middle of a scrap. He's also oddly efficient in his work which seems to contradict his effortless "I'm just coasting by" air.
The first thing that might cause you to do a double take is Ronald's accent. It's English, yes but distinctly North London. Not quite cockney, not quite posh. Being a lad of the streets in Victorian England, he still peppers his speech with the old thieves' slang which does end up making him near indecipherable to other people at times. Over time, he's learned to tone it down and use "regular" English but when he's gotten so drunk he's incoherent, good luck trying to understand him.
♚ OLFACTORY: What do they smell like? Specific perfumes, what they bathe in, anything else?
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Any information on psychic shields or other things that telepaths might want to know.
They would be quick to notice the lingering feeling of death, like that cold dread or a chill running down your spine. Deep in his core, Ronald is still a reaper and his position as the Baron only cemented this further. His soul is only half alive. It's fainly there. Present, but faintly there. His memories and emotions are mentally guarded but only faintly. It'll take little persuation to have him open up and spill if you were talking about something important..


NECESSARY | My timezone is GMT+8 so I'm usually offline/busy when people are tagging. I only boomerang when feeling it so counting on me to isn't reliable. I do try to most of the time when logged in though.
yes | Go right ahead. He'll probably look at you with a look of mild confusion though.
yes | Ron's actually quite affectionate. He's not averse to giving hugs or being in close contact with someone so bring on all the arm slinging and cuddling.
maybe | Fights are fine. Even if he's lost his arm, he can still fight. While he doesn't hit hard, he hits fast. Contact me if you want to injure him or kill him so we can discuss details.
no | He's already in enough hot water between two people. He will flirt though and be happy to flirt back with you but no sex.
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Yume100xKuroshitsuji Book of Atlantic collab event
This also marks the day Faust decided to put his teeny Japanese literacy to work

Part )


Part )


part 3 )
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I accidentally resubscribed to everyone while I was trying to UNsubscribe while cleaning out my reading page. I'm no longer in this game and haven't been for a while. Sorry for the mixup.
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CHARACTER: Ronald Knox
CANON: Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
GOD: Baron Samedi
MYTHOLOGY: Haitian Voodoo
POWER: Shadow Manipulation - being able to disappear completely into shadows
SHINKI: Horikawa Kunihiro | Jyoki (助) | Matchlock pistol
TEMPLE: [a link to your god's temple on the locations page]



Backtagging: Might be necessary!
Threadhopping: Sure. Just give me a heads up first.
Fourthwalling: Definitely.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing really. Except apparently the concept of Noras is somewhat distressing to me.


Hugging this character: Sure.
Kissing this character: Yup. You might get kissed back though.
Flirting with this character: He might end up flirting with you first.
Fighting with this character: Sure.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Absolutely. Please contact me first.
Killing this character: Again, please contact me first so we can work it out.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. Again, contact me to get specifics on what your character will be able to sense.

Warnings: Mention of amputation. Ronald is taken from Inugami where he lost an arm early in game which he never regained.
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Player Information

Name: Faust
Contact: AIM: corvusaraneae | [plurk.com profile] 10778438
Age: 29
Other Characters:
Bishamon | Noragami | [personal profile] dominatriarch
Tatsuya Enomoto | [K] | [personal profile] hackberrydragon
Read more... )
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Right then. I'll make this quick.

[ He's not even going to pretend that he isn't upset. Sure, it's been some time coming maybe or something he's been dreading for a while. ]

Mister William T. Spears has gone home. If any of you lot had business with the old chap, then... I could prolly take care of that.

[ And a sigh as he slumps in his seat, muttering. ]

Bugger. Just when I was starting to fancy him a tiny bit.

[ There's a pause though as he realizes his duskull is probably still filming and a moment of panic as he reaches out to cover the camera. ]

Oh for heaven's sake, Grim! You didn't have to get that last part too!
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[ And today, you are greeted by the sound of what seems to be a meowth being stretched on a rack. The camera isn't pointed at anything in particular but it does seem to be a rather good view of one of the routes. Too bad those sounds are ruining the scenery. These are screeches and yowls so vicious, you'd probably think it was two meowth fighting over a rattata. It goes on for probably five minutes in what seems to be a poorly attempted "Ode to Joy" and then stops abruptly due to a vicious



[ Ow? Rattata don't go ow. And neither do pokemon. What you do get afterward though is the sound of ruffling and a "funf" as someone deposits himself right next to the Gear. ]

Blimey, Niccolo, can we take a break? At the rate you're going, m'prolly going to end up being unable to use this hand for a week!

[ And then you hear chittering.

ANGRY Kricketune chittering.

And a sigh from the poor belaguered Mister Knox. ]

Listen, I appreciate you trying to teach me the violin and all but could you take it e-- [ CRACK ] OW!

Alright, alright. Let's have at it again then.

[ To which the yowling begins anew. ]
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Here's a question for you lot.

[ Today finds Ronald under a tree, enjoying the weather as he uses Barkley (now a houndoom) as a pillow. ]

Color a bloke curious but... how'd you come up with names for your pokemon? Ever fancy naming them after anyone from home?

Just a passing curiosity!
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[ And this video opens to the wide eyes of an eager houndour pup staring up at the screen. ]

Alright, that's it. Good boy. Stay right there.

[ As if on cue, the Houndour sits down with its eyes still glued to the screen. ]

Let's show everyone what you can do then, alright? Up you get!

[ At the command, the houndour sits up with his tail wagging furiously. ]

Good boy! Brilliant! Now the last bit... here you are. Steady as she goes then.

[ At this, Ronald places what seems to be the corner off a pokepuff on the Houndour's nose. The pokemon seems to balance it for a moment before turning his head and snapping it up for himself.... much to his trainer's disappointment. ]

Ah, blimey... Barkley, you were supposed to wait til I said you could eat it!

[ But he settles down beside the houndour, moving the Gear back to face him. ]

Gundam! Here's the pup I bought from you a while back! He's a smart little blighter... got a mind of his own sometimes though.

But... bit of a question. D'you lot know any other tricks I could teach him? Never actually had a dog before and those're a bit different'n the tricks I've taught Grim and the rest to help with my act.
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[ Today, you are greeted with a whump and a crash... and the sound of a panicked Duskull as it floats over to check on its trainer who had apparently fallen out of bed along with his Gear. ]

...Bimey... what time is it...?

[ There's a pause though as Ronald reaches for his glasses and goes to check the time, his grogginess suddenly disappearing the minute he realizes what time -- and day -- it is. ]

Hang on... I've been asleep for HOW LONG?! That's... not right. At least I'm awake in time for Christmas...

[ And have a small grin before he ends. ]

Bit of advice for you lot: Killua's made some fantastic absinthe lollies for this month's menu... but don't have ten in one go or you might end up like me.
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How does it look, Grim? Not too bad, eh?

[ There's a little jostle of the camera as Ronald's duskull angles it ever so slightly to give his trainer a better look at the feed. There's a satisfied little grin as Ronald adjusts his newly acquired fedora, tilting it ever so slightly and keeping it at a rather jaunty angle over his brow. Yep, it feels really great to have that hat back on his head. ]

Had a piece like this back home. Here I thought I'd never see it again.

Fancy that it came in one of those gift bags! That's a stroke of luck, isn't it?

[ He'll stop preening now. Can't help himself. He's just so pleased. ]

And you lot who just came back, good on you for that fight!

And to Beast and Joker specifically... )
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Fancy that. It does work! Will wonders never cease. Bit of fancy metal... never thought'd be really what they told us, eh?

[ So have this guy staring around this here Gear thingamabob. ]

Right, so... this lady what claims to be my mum said this'd be some sort of communication device so figured I'd give it a go. Bit of a question for you lot.. hang on. C'mere you-- [ And he's reaching off with one arm to tug a Duskull closer to him. ]

How d'you know if this little blighter's a boy or a girl? Couldn't really decide on a right name for it yet.

[ Oddly enough, the Duskull seems happy for the attention and actually waves to the camera. ]

And one more thing. Are any of you lot familiar with the name William T. Spears or Grell Sutcliffe? If you are, d'you mind passing on word that I've gotten here?

The name's Ronald Knox of London's Grim Reaper Dispatch Department, by the way. Thanks!


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